Why UnoConf?

For the third year in a row, we’ve gathered the brightest minds in the business to help designers and developers learn more about UnoPlatform and the platforms you can use to make beautiful and functional apps that work on multiple platforms.


About Uno Platform

Uno Platform is a cross-application framework that you can use to write applications in XAML and C# and then deploy to any platform.

Uno Platform is completely open source and has a multitude of contributors. It was first developed by nventive in 2013, but has been open source since 2018.

Uno Platform apps can be developed on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. The IDEs that it supports include Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Rider. You can check out the Uno Platform setup guide to learn more.

Anyone who develops applications using C# and WinUi will benefit from UnoConf. Especially if you want your applications to work on multiple platforms with just one code base!

Well, that’s easy! UnoConf 2021 will be held completely online. All you have to do is visit the UnoConf homepage on each day of the event to watch the presentations.

Further Information

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