Richard Campbell

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Rabid Podcaster

12:00 PM | 12:20 PM EDT

The Evolution of Client Development - Passed

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Ryan Demopoulos

Principal Program Manager Lead , Microsoft

12:20 PM | 1:05 PM EDT

WinUI & Project Reunion: The Present and The Future - Passed

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Jerome Laban

CTO, Uno Platform

1:05 PM | 1:50 PM EDT

The Future of Uno Platform - Passed

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Matthew Leibowitz

Senior software engineer at Microsoft

1:50 PM | 2:05 PM EDT

SkiaJumping into Powerful 2D Graphics using SkiaSharp with Uno Platform - Passed

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Martin Zikmund

Microsoft MVP, open-source contributor, Senior Advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers

2:05 PM | 2:20 PM EDT

The Unexpected Cross-Platform APIs of Uno Platform - Passed

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Andres Pineda

.NET and Xamarin Developer

2:20 PM | 2:35 PM EDT

Developing for macOS with Uno Platform - Passed

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Mackenzie Whalen

Software Developer

2:35 PM | 2:50 PM EDT

Developing for Dual Screen with Uno Platform - Passed

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Billy Hollis

Software Designer/Developer

2:50 PM | 3:05 PM EDT

Powerful Data Visualization with Simple XAML on Uno Platform - Passed

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Jeremy Sinclair

Web Engineering Specialist III at Orrick, .NET Foundation Member, Windows Insider MVP #WIMVP #MVPBUZZ

3:05 PM | 3:15 PM EDT

From PowerShell Script to Multi-Platform Uno Platform Applications - Passed

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Michael Hawker

Microsoft Senior Software Engineer (PAX)

3:15 PM | 3:35 PM EDT

Windows Community Toolkit ❤ Microsoft Graph ❤ Uno Platform - Passed

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Carl De Billy

Senior Software Architect, Uno Platform

3:35 PM | 3:45 PM EDT

Embedding JavaScript components in Uno Platform Web Applications - Passed

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Virtual Networking

4:00 PM | 4:30 PM EDT

Link will be provided during the event - Passed