Martin Zikmund

Microsoft MVP, open-source contributor, Senior Advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Martin is a freelance software developer and Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP. He specializes in architecting and building cross-platform mobile and cloud solutions on the Microsoft technology stack. Martin loves contributing to open-source, as it is a tremendous source of learning. You can also meet him on Stack Overflow, where he frequently helps other developers. To document his developer journey, Martin regularly writes posts on his blog at In spare time he likes to play squash, game on Xbox, read, and search for geocaches.

UnoConf 2020 – Talk

The Unexpected Cross-Platform APIs of Uno Platform

At first glance, Uno Platform might be a UI framework. However, why bring only the UI controls everywhere, when it can cross-platform everything? This session will show a number of unexpected APIs which become cross-platform, thanks to the magic of Uno Platform. The goal of this session is to show some APIs, which can work cross-platform with Uno without skipping a beat.