SkiaJumping into Powerful 2D Graphics using SkiaSharp with Uno Platform

Have you ever wondered what created the things you see in Chrome? Or those Android UIs? Or Firefox? Well, that is skia! Do you want to be able to do all of that, but in your app, the way you want? Use SkiaSharp! It is a lightweight, but very powerful .NET API that channels your inner graphics coder into your dream image, widget or app using the power behind skia. Join me for a quick dive into drawing your first red block on the screen… And then realize that you never need to stop but can do literally anything, and I mean anything. We can go from a simple block, all the way to a fully featured control of complex animation. Oh, and this runs on any platform by leveraging the power of Uno Platform. And yes, GPU accelerated

August 12 1:50 PM