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Our first Sold-Out Unoconf happened on sept 19, 2019, included speakers like Miguel de Icaza, Billy Hollis, Rocky Lhotka and many others. 100 lucky developers got to attend our one-day, single track conference and over 1000 people from all over the world watched the livestream.

100 Attendees

on livestream

12 Talks

Dozens of meetings

SPEAKERs we've hosted

Jerome Laban

Uno Platform Guru

Watch 2019 Talk | Jerome Laban on Twitter

Rocky Lhotka

CTO of Magenic

Watch 2019 Talk | Rocky Lhotka on Twitter

Billy Hollis

Software Designer/Developer

Watch 2019 Talk | Billy Hollis on Twitter

Matt Lacey

Microsoft MVP

Watch 2019 Talk | Matt Lacey on Twitter

Mathieu Fillion

Uno platform developer

Watch 2019 Talk | Mathieu Fillion on Twitter

Andres Pineda

.NET and Xamarin Developer

Watch 2019 Talk | Andres Pineda on Twitter

Sam Basu

Microsoft MVP & Telerik Developer Advocate

Watch 2019 Talk | Sam Basu on Twitter