In the spirit of preserving a safe and transparent space for communication and support for members of Uno Platform community and attendees of UnoConf the following are guidelines that should all should adhere to when interacting with the Uno Platform community.

Be Respectful

Pretentious and condescending behaviour are not conducive to the collaborative and respectful environment Uno Platform strives to cultivate. In line with the values of Uno Platform, we aim to keep discussions of the open-source platform transparent and safe in all forums, debates, presentations, events and activities.


Be Transparent

In order to make Uno Platform the best it can be, we will be as transparent as possible with everyone in our beloved community, and transparency in return will help us ameliorate the platform one constructive comment at a time.


Be Constructive

Nothing is problem-free, but we aim to make Uno Platform and all Uno Platform events and activities as smooth as possible. If you have constructive suggestions or criticism to offer, we’re open to hearing it! Criticism with proposed solutions are constructive; criticism with no value-added purpose is simply destructive. Let’s build a greater and greater Uno Platform together.


Be Active, Participate!

We strongly encourage participation in all forums, debates, presentations, events and activities. We aim to cultivate a safe space to share ideas and grow the open-source Uno Platform with our community of intelligent and talented developers. The safety and integrity of this space will always be protected and enforced.


Be Curious

If you have questions, feel free to ask them! The Uno Platform community is rich with knowledge and willing to help you out.


Be Courteous

If you notice you are distracting to others, please remember the first rule and be respectful of their enjoyment of the content being conveyed. We will enforce this rule so that all can have an equal and undistracted level of enjoyment.